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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  February 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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anyone who is disrespectful during the mayor's address will be punished. a d.c. fire and ems spokesperson tells news4 that no such warning was issued. last month a group of firefighters walked out during a speech by the fire chief. all right. just about -- 4:30. >> yeah. >> and tom's here for a first look at the forecast. meteorologist tom kierein, here with our forecast. a little warmer than yesterday. >> a little bit. yesterday was beautiful. we had a lot of sunshine and temperatures did climb into the 50s. i think we're going to repeat that again today. around our region now, we have temperatures in the mid 40s in washington, low to mid 30s in the suburbs and rural areas. here's the day planner for this tuesday. we will have our sunrise at 7:09. that's getting earlier and earlier. temperatures will be hovering around the freezing mark to the mid 30s through much of the early morning hours. then by 9:00, we should be making it into the upper 30s. and then by noontime, it will
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be, again, near 50 degrees. a lot like yesterday. and then during the middle of the afternoon, we should hit the low to mid 50s. lots of sunshine, just a few clouds coming in by late afternoon. temperatures will be back down to near 50 degrees by around sunset which today is at 5:36. the sunsets getting later and later, as well. we'll have increasing clouds tonight. and then maybe a little bit of snow tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. >> snow? >> well, i'll have more details. stay tuned. evening planner coming up in ten minutes. danella has our tuesday traffic. i do. i think i did hear him say snow. what is going on? if you're traveling in our area now, so far things are pretty quiet. i don't know about our next traffic and weather. sounds like snow's coming. won't than quiet. on the roadway, if you're passing father hurley southbound, 68 miles per hour on i-270. and again, clear. at the spur connecting you're
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moving nicely. here's the beltway at connecticut avenue. taking the occupy looking good. 59 miles per hour as you commute in montgomery county. i'm back in ten minutes with hopefully good news back to you both. >> thank you very much. we have breaking news to tell you about this morning. there apparently were some shootings in prince george's county. news4's tracee wilkins is live on the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning. police are investigating who bodies found in two separate locations. this is a very odd investigation. detectives are still on the scene having a conversation. they're with the medical examiner behind me there. they just removed the second body that was discovered here. this happened near new carrollton station. let me show you video and take you back. at 10:46 p.m. there was a call to check on welfare for someone
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found in the 5300 block of 85th avenue on the road. patrol officers located the man lying on the ground, and when they got there, they don't have this man's age but say he was dead on the scene. a young adult male. they're saying that he suffered some kind of trauma. at 11:30, there was another call from 78th and garrison. evident ly an ambulance discovered a body nearby. a few minutes ago police took the body off of the road, loaded into the truck for examination. they're not releasing ids for either of the bodies discovered near new carrollton metro, and they're not connecting the cases at this time. they do believe they're dealing with two homicides here. at this point there's not evidence to connect the cases. reporting live, back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much.
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today is the second day of jury selection in the murder trial of a former uva lacrosse player from montgomery county. george huguely is charged in the death of his ex-girlfriend yardly love in may of 2010. the chevy chase native pled not guilty. he is said to have killed her in a rage. others say she died of a mixture of alcohol and medication. jury selection could take a while because it is difficult to find impartial jurors. >> the whole issue when there's this much media coverage about a case in advance. it's hard to excuse people's atitudes about the -- attitudes about the case right or wrong. three states will be the focus of decision 2012 today. missouri is holding a primary today, but it's me aep's merely
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symbolic contest. there will be a missouri caucus march 17. polls show that rick santorum is a likely winner today in minnesota. because of that, gop front-runner mitt romney has turned his political attacks toward that conservative senator from pennsylvania. this week his campaign released a barrage of opposition research on santorum and kept up his criticism in speeches. santorum fired back saying that making romney the nominee would be devastating for republicans who want to see president obama lose the general election. newt gingrich's name will not appear on virginia's primary ballot. he dropped a lawsuit to get in on that ballot. newt gingrich was among four candidates what failed to qualify for the primary. he joined a lawsuit filed by former candidate rick perry. each claimed the 10,000-signature rule was burdensome and a related rule was unconstitutional. a federal judge ruled against the argument and a federal
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appeals court agreed. virginia is close to getting passed its long-standing law on handguns. the law would repeal one gun purchase a month. virginia's house passed its version last week. governor bob mcdonnell has said he signed one of the versions when it cleared both chambers. democrats pushed for the limit in the 19 points in when virginia was -- 1990s when virginia was a prime source of illegal gun sales. now they say it's not necessary because of updated tracking resources. deckses while driving could become -- texting while driving could become a more serious crime in virginia. police could pull you over just for texting and driving. supporters say it's needed to change driving habits. >> so addictive that people keep doing it. skpls you penalize -- and unless you penalize them, they won't change their behavior. unless you have tougher laws, things will continue as they are. >> opponents question whether the bill would preempt a more serious charge of reckless
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driving. the bill will be before the senate and state house. one parent's questioning why a montgomery county school sent home a flyer from a group that claims it can help gay people turn straight. the group called parents of friends of ex-gays and known as pfox distributed 8,000 of these flyers at montgomery county schools including albert einstein high school in kensington. the group says students are too young to label themselves as gay. karen mayoral was upset -- karen merrill was upset to see it with her son's report card last week. >> it is so bad because it targets teens who are questioning their sexual orientation. and of that population, the likelihood of doing more harm than good is colossal. >> there is no hate anywhere. the flyers are simply designed
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to give information, particularly to students who may feel a measure of confusion about their sexual feeling. >> a montgomery county school spokesperson tells news4 that pfox and other groups have the right to pass out the information. they can only distribute flyers four times a year. employees in the district of columbia are being investigated for unemployment fraud. prosecutors say the workers were collecting unemployment checks and a government paycheck at the same time. they say the fraud cost the district at least $840,000. of the 130 people involved, 90 are currently employed by the district. they've been placed on administrative leave pending the results of investigation. ahead, the catholic university of america will have an earthquake drill. they're taking part in the great shakeout. people are encouraged to drop, cover, and hold to keep themselves safe in case of an earthquake. the drill follows the 5.8-magnitude quake that hit the
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washington area in august. 4:38. ahead on "news4 today," we're learning new details about the death of a man and his two sons in this house explosion as the family speaks out for the first time. people are out of work, and they're hurting. all wondering what they're going to do to make a comeback. >> this ad was a hit during the super bowl. but was it politically motivated? what clint eastwood's response is.
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good morning. 4:41 on this tuesday morning. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. i'm mostly cloudy in storm center 4. it's off to a chilly start this morning. we're above freezing in the district of columbia and suburbs including prince george's county and charles, calvert, st. mary's, and anne arundel. farther west in fairfax county, montgomery county, near 30. arlington near 40. and farther to the west, generally, though, most locations are above freezing this morning. over the last 12 hours, we've had one little area of cloudiness, a few sprinkles passing south of washington overnight. these are pulling to the east. we've got the bright, full moon in the sky, setting around dawn. and our sunrise will be at 7:09 this morning. we'll have plenty of sunshine today. afternoon highs climbing to the
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low and mid 50s. again, a lot like yesterday. overnight tonight, we'll be clouding up. upper 30s by midnight. chance for snow maybe tomorrow. we'll look at that, the rest of the week and weekend in ten minutes. danella? quiet in our area. if you're traveling along i-66, eastbound and westbound, i'm not seeing any issues for you. i'll show you eastbound right now along with travel speeds. out of haymarket, 71 miles per hour as you approach centreville. 65 miles per hour making your way past nutley, 53 miles per hour. if you're continuing 66 inside of the beltway, really not seeing issues for you there. volume light. a live look now, 66 at 21st street, looking pretty cool. i'll give you a travel speed, as well. eastbound, 54 miles per hour. you get from the beltway to gw parkway, that trip is going to take you 12 minutes at this time. back to you. >> we'll have to get you a cake for the flyovers. >> -- a cape for the flyovers. >> will be fun. maybe the next break. >> thank you very much. 4:43. 43 degrees. still to come, creating a political firestorm. the criticism president obama is
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facing this morning for his mandate on birth control. plus, being late for school is no laughing matter. why one family's consistent tardiness has landed th
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welcome back. overnight we learned new disturbing details in the double murder/suicide involving a man and his two sons. the medical examiner says josh powell and his sons died from smoke inhalation in a house explosion and fire that he intentionally set in washington state. the examiner also found that the 7-year-old and the 5-year-old suffered wounds to the head and neck. the boys' grandparents are devastated. >> we know that the children are with their mother. and they're safe. >> powell was a person of interest in the disappearance of
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his wife susan who went missing in utah in 2009. police believe he planned the explosion after his 7-year-old son reported seeing his mother in the trunk of their car on the trip on which she went missing. powell also sent emails to people he knew shortly before that explosion. western powers are sending a strong message to syria. the u.s. closed its embassy there and britain recalled its ambassador. it's a push to get president assad to leave power and stop the violent crackdowns there. this morning the u.s. ambassador and embassy workers evacuated the embassy with their families. the closure comes nearly a year after the uprising began. state department officials say they worked with the syrian government for weeks on efforts to improve security at the embassy but could not reach an acceptable arrangement. this morning, we're hearing from the virginia aid worker rescued by navy s.e.a.l.s. after she was held captive for three months in smool. 32-year-old jessica buchanan released a statement thanking president obama and those who orchestrated her rescue last month. she says she is overwhelmed by
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the support she's received since returning home. buchanan is from good, virginia, which is just east of roanoke. the obama administration's mandate on birth control has stirred up a heated debate ahead of the general election. the new health care law requires catholic hospitals, charities, and other institutions to include birth control in their health insurance plans. the white house says non-catholic employees should have access to the insurance coverage regardless of where they work. gop presidential candidate mitt romney launched a petition against the mandate, arguing it's an attack on religious liberty. opponents say the rule forces organizations to buy something that violates their beliefs. the star of one of the super bowl's most popular ads is defending himself this morning after claims that the commercial has political undertones. >> people are out of work, and they're hurting and are all wondering what they're going to do to make a comeback. we're all scared because this isn't a game. the people of detroit know a little something about this.
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they almost lost everything. but we all pulled together, now motor city is fighting again. >> almost immediately after the ad aired, karl rove criticized it as a criticism of the auto bailout. clint eastwood said, "there is no spin in that ad. on this i am certain. i am certainly not politically affiliated with mr. obama. it was meant to be a message about just job growth and the spirit of america. i think all politicians will agree with it." more than 40 u.s. states have fleaed to a nationwide -- agreed to a nationwide settlement over foreclosure abuses. it would force bank of america, jpmorgan, wells fargo, citigroup, and allied financial to reduce loans for about a million households. the reduced loans would benefit homeowners who are behind on their payments. mortgage lenders would send $2,000 to hundreds of thousands of people who lost homes.
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officials say that yoeshnators are trying to persuade california and new york to join the statement. a student accused of murder in italy is appealing her slander conviction. a court overturned amanda knox's murder conviction but upheld the slander conviction for falsely accusing a bar owner in the slaying. knox and her former boyfriend were cleared in the killing of her british roommate, meredith kercher. knox spent four years in an italian prison. before her release in october. knox is living in her hometown of seattle. the man accused in a shooting rampage that killed six people and injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords and four others will spend time in a mental health treatment facility. jared loughner will remain in treatment to make him fit to stand trial. mental health experts determined the 23-year-old suffers from schizophrenia. in the ruling the judge ruled that loughner has made progress. he's taking part in group fla
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therapy and at times had coherent speech and steady eye contact with other. two occupy d.c. protesters face felony assault charges after raids this past weekend. according to court documents filed in court yesterday, jeremiah de sousa threw a glass bottle hitting a u.s. park police officer in the face. ficialy police said he threw a brick. authorities say the officer could have permanent eye damage, according to the "washington post." another protester was also charged with assault after police say he threw a bamboo stick at an officer. 12 people were arrested this past weekend when police raided mcpherson square and freedom pla plaza. gamblers in maryland could soon be playing blackjack and poker in casinos in the state. senator douglas peters of prince george's county introduced a measure allowing for table games yesterday. also included a provision for another casino floekz his county that would be the sixth in the state. it would likely be built at rose
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croft raceway. the bill would increase the amount of monet casino operator would receive to 40%, up from the current 33%. voters would have to approve the table games and the new casino location in noveer. a couple in loudoun county says they were summoned because their children were tardy at school. mark denecor and his wife have three children. the kid vu been late at least 30 times this year alone. that's once every three days. school officials say their tardiness is disrupting the learning process for other children and had a summons issued for the parents. >> we're the first to admit that we're not perfect, and our kids are not perfect. but we're doing our best and don't think in this case it should be criminally -- criminal charges. >> the couple's trial date is march 14. the violation is a class 3 misdemeanor which could result in a $500 fine. tom has joined us here to
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talk about the weather. if we have snow tomorrow, could be a lot of folks late for a lot of things. >> yeah, but it doesn't look like that kind of snow. the winter that wasn't still isn't going away. that will get your neurons going. >> right. say that again. >> what is he talking about? it's going to be another nice day. here in february, we'll have temperatures climbing into the 50s again this afternoon. as we look at the sky now over the washington monument, it's flooded with moonlight. we've got that bright, full moon now in the western sky. 45 now at reagan national. and we have a very light wind. so we don't have to worry about the windchill this morning. right now, around the region, temperatures are near the freezing mark in montgomery, fairfax counties as well as parts of northern virginia, down toward culpeper. but farther east along the i-95 corridor, generally above freezing. reagan national now at 45. near 40 now in prince george's county, charles, calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel county near the bay, mid 40s.
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away from the waters, near 40 there. farther west in the 30s. generally above freezing. shenandoah valley into the mountains. the high pressure that's been over us over the last 36 hours is going to be drifting off to the east today. it will still be bringing us plenty of sunshine. here's your day planner. sunrise at 7:09. by 9:00, the upper 30s, near 40. may hid mid to upper 50s farther to the south. southern maryland, culpeper and warrenton, may hit upper 50s this afternoon. and then overnight tonight, we'll have increasing clouds. by midnight we'll be into the upper 30s. sunset today at 5:36. by dawn tomorrow, cloudy and near 30 degrees. by late in the morning, we could have a little light snow north and west of washington. near washington points south and east could be a little light rain. and temperatures are going to be above freezing. so any light snow will be melting on any roadways. that would be north and west of washington. and then sun returns for
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thursday and friday. highs in the 40s. getting cold again for the weekend. still looking like a cold pattern but dry. remaining cold the first part of next week. danella? traveling along i-95, no problems for you. travel lanes are open. looks like you're getting by north and southbound with no issues at all. we'll take a live look, i-95 at pohick road. very light volume. traveling northbound as well as southbound. you're in the clear. northbound speed, now at 64 miles per hour. to get from the occoquan to the beltway, that trip will take you 11 minutes. continuing on 395, no issues there, as well. you can take a live look at edsall. again, northbound, nice and clear, southbound, as well. travel speed northbound at 61 miles per hour. not bad. taking 12 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. joe and eun? >> thanks. the confetti will be flying in new york today as the city honors the super bowl champion giants with a ticker tape parade
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today. mvp quarterback eli manning was part of a parade yesterday at walt disney world. today he and his teammates will cruise down broadway through the city's canyon of heroes to celebrate their win over the new england patriots. this is the giants' fourth super bowl title. the parade will be followed by a ceremony at city hall where the mayor will present the team with keys to the city. [ inaudible ] that is supermodel gisele bundchen pointing the finger at new england receivers for the loss in super bowl xlvi. apparently tom brady's wife was heckled on her way out of lucas oil stadium sunday. she was caught complaining that dropped passes doomed the team. the giants beat the patriots 21-17. >> she understands the game. i mean, he cannot throw and catch at the same time. >> true. i'm sure brady's teammates feel it's bad form to be pointing the finger when everyone was trying so hard. >> i would think so.
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he probably cringed. okay. 4:56 our time. coming up, hoping to save money by buying a used car? why you'll need to have more money saved up than you might think. plus an ad that came back to bite them. why smolds apologizing for one of its recent commercials.
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